Who am I

My name is Robert Sievers.  I recently graduated from Urbana Theological Seminary, a small non-denominational graduate seminary in the midwestern United States.  I hold a Masters of Arts in Religion with an emphasis in theology and apologetics as it relates to Islam.  My emphasis is understanding the intricate natures of Islamic and Christian theology, where they coincide, and where they are in opposition to each other.

I have studied Islam for over a decade.  I have communicated with Muslims on the internet, and have had many wonderful experiences with Muslims face to face here in the states as well as overseas.

I am a committed follower of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I would consider myself to be an evangelical. You can read my personal conversion story here. I am committed to helping Christians of all denominations come to better understand the inverted nature of Islamic theology and thus be better equipped to engage Muslims in a way that honors Jesus Christ.