Who is the Beast

Eschatology is defined as the study of end time events. The interpretations of these future events can stir up controversy, particularly if certain viewpoints are embellished or overblown. So I tackle this next article with some trepidation, and therefore ask for some latitude. There is room for disagreement on these issues.

In Revelation 13:1, the Bible talks about a beast that will arise in the last days. Historically, a vast number of Biblical scholars nominated Rome and correspondingly some form of the papacy as this beast of Revelation 13. Additionally, commentators have been ridiculously sure of their understanding of such a difficult passage. Albert Barnes says that the details of the passage “make it morally certain that Rome, in some form of its administration is referred to. Of this there can be no doubt.”[i] To see how cemented this belief is, consider J.B. Phillips, who wrote a new translation of Revelation. Although he did not comment upon it, when reaching Revelation 13:18, he felt compelled to add a footnote stating “This number undoubtedly refers to NERO CAESER by means of a simple Hebrew cipher.”[ii] What is safe to say is that the “undoubtedly” certain interpretation of such an enigmatic passage should be highly suspect.

This view that the beast of Revelation 13 is some form of the revived Roman empire still holds weight today. However, a little investigation shows that some deep-seated problems with this view exist. For example, Dave Hunt recognized that the Bible speaks of an antichrist kingdom which encompasses a much larger territory than a revived Roman empire would currently control. To resolve this problem, Hunt devotes an entire chapter to describing how the Arab world must undergo significant and systemic change in order that it could unite with Europe and fit the mainstream interpretation. Hunt surmises that this melding of Europe and Islamic states cannot come about unless disillusionment with Islamic governments occurs, so he concludes such disillusionment must be “inevitable.”[iii] While clutching to the theory of a revived Roman Empire, he nevertheless recognizes Islam as the primary motivating factor in this crucial part of the world:

“It is impossible to understand the current situation in the Middle East, much less anticipate probable future developments there, except in the context of the religion that grips and motivates the Arab world.” [iv]

Hunt is correct that any analysis of the current global scenario cannot be accomplished without a fuller understanding of Islam. Certainly, the end times scenario must take Islam into account in a systematic and cogent manner. Yet how did so many scholars throughout the ages completely ignore Islam’s potential role and unswervingly look to Rome as the beast of Revelation 13? As it happens, throughout all ages of church history, there was always a minority opinion of those who saw Islam as the antichrist kingdom. Even those who held to the traditional Roman or papal view saw aspects which matched that of Islam if not named specifically.

The patristic authors could not conceive of a future religious force such as Islam, but Lactantius wrote that the Antichrist would come from Syria, currently an Islamic nation.[v] During the middle ages, John of Damascus identified Islam as “the forerunner of Antichrist”.[vi] The Spaniard Paulus Alveras wrote in the 9th century about the connection of Islam and the Antichrist. His contemporary, Eulogius wrote about the Christian martyrs of Cordoba who were killed by Muslims and said they fought “against the angel of Satan and forerunner of Antichrist”.[vii] In the 11th century, Joachin of Fiore held a view that linked the Roman Empire with the antichrist kingdom, but he also thought that the Antichrist would come to the aid of either Saladin or another Muslim ruler. [viii]

Martin Luther vehemently wrote about the Pope as the Antichrist. Yet in his commentary on Revelation, the glimmer of Islam sneaked in as he interpreted the three woes of Revelation 8:13 as the persecutions of Arian, Muhammad, and the Pope.[ix] In an even more dramatic statement, Luther said that “The pope is the spirit of Antichrist, and the Turk (Muslim) is the flesh of antichrist. They help each other in their murderous work.”[x]

Throughout the ages, there have been inklings of prominent Christian authors seeing Islam as having connection to the kingdom of antichrist. The point of these references is not to provide proof texts; far from it. The point is that the specter of Islam has always been subtly present in how the antichrist kingdom has been viewed through the ages, even in the minds of some of the most staunch supporters of the revived Roman Empire theory. For now, we are out of time, so stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Who is the Beast

  1. donal says:

    – 10 horns
    1. muhamad
    2 Abu bakr
    3 umar
    4 utman
    5 ali
    6 hasan
    7 husein
    8 khalid ibn al walid
    9 Abu ubaidah
    10 jafar bin abi talib
    >> 10 horns purpose to give power and authority to the beast (rev 17:13) they will rule for one hour that’s 41 years (one prophetic day equal to 1000 years) started 620 (islam perfected when mohamed ascend to heaven-isra mijrad and receive allah order to pray 5 times/day) until 661 when ali,hasan,husein subdue to muawiyah

    Small horn: muawiyah

    after mohamed died he replaced by 4 caliphs, abu bakr, umar both father in law, utman, ali both son in law of mohamed so all blood related to mohamed. problem arise when utman replaced by ali, muawiyah who’s blood related to utman but not to ali protest said no need blood related to mohamed to rule islam anyone can as long as justified and starting rebellion. in 660 AD muawiyah gain control most of islamic caliphate territory and jan 661 ali died months later ali sons hasan (5th caliph) and husain(2nd imam of shiah) surrender to muawiyah new caliphate sytem (non blood/sunni) last for 1260 years from 660 (muawiyah gain control of IC) until 1920 (first meeting of league of nation, fall of ottoman)

    7 heads are kings/kingdom, 5 fallen, one is, the other not come (rev 17:10)
    1 egypt
    2 asiria
    3 babylon
    4 persia
    5 greece
    6 rome
    7 islamic caliphate – blood related leadership
    8 islamic caliphate – non blood related

  2. donal says:

    REVELATION 13 by each verse

    1. Beast appeared (look daniel 7 4th beast), this is symbol of islam/allah as whole
    2. resembled of lion, bear and leopard only islam ever conquer 3 beasts territory and it is HISTORICAL FACT you will never seen rome map reach persian.
    3. one head wounded but heal, it is the first fitna when muawiyah fight against ali which cost many jihadist troops but finally muawiyah wins and his umayah caliphate conquer from spain to persia
    4. who can fight the beast? islam is so powerfull under rashidun and umayah and most of her conquest last until now (while rome suffer many defeats, split even lost its territory) men worship islam as religion not rome
    5. 42 month represent power of new system calliphate that replace blood related from 660 (muawiyah gain most IC territory) until 1920 (end of WW1, first meeting of league of nation held in january, fall of ottoman empire)
    6. islam insult god and his dwelling place, islam called jesus as man, replace true israel god with pagan deity and build mosque in jerusalem salomn temple
    7. islam fight against jew and christian even defeating christian byzantium empire and also islam/allah spread throughout the world.
    8 there are 1.5 B muslim now from all over the world
    9/10. islam spread her teaching with sword (war)

    11. islam claimed to believe prophet isa/jesus believe in all prophet and their book of torah and sabur/psalm (look like a lamb) but insult him by reject jesus divinity, claim all prophet were muslim and claimed bible is a fake (speak like dragon). the beast is early jihadist(when they are still in small number then gaining more follower), two horns represent rashidun and umayah caliphate

    12. rashidun and umayah are moslim and they forced people to follow islam

    13-15. muslim always claim mohamed split the moon and it is known they respect /using demonic jinn (genie) even dark magic and claimed thats all from allah almighty. they will kill those who insult islam. in war islam bring cannon which unknown to christian that weapon can cause explosion (fire from heaven)

    16-18 under rashidun and umayah caliphate islam expand its territory with war/sword they commit forced religious convertion with death penalty or paying high taxes (jizyah) so non converter will become very poor (unable to buy/sell – rev 13:16).

    666 beast – triscore
    1. it is a mark, those who embrace islam will receive mark in head (belief the idea of pagan deity) and work in way of islam (hand mark).
    2.it is a number , the mark of the beast 666 which greece numerical known as tri score and the number is allah
    3 it is a name, a converter/mualaf must said syahadat word which mention name of beast/allah (rev 13:17) .
    4. it is man, name allah is a name for male deity for female is al lat just like christiano for male and christiana for female

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