The Islamic Inversion

As many of you know, the frequency of articles has diminished over the past year or so. Some of this has been due to general life events which have diminished my capacity to write. However, the larger and more exciting reason is that I have been working on creating a full length book detailing the pattern of Islamic theological reversals that I have been highlighting here at unravelingislm. This must be addressed, as the various challenges coming from Muslim adherents are practically unending, resulting in the need for the Christian to have tools to provide his or her own meaningful and effective response.

Authoring the book allows for the expansion of the individual points presented in this blog as well as for an overarching theme to be developed. The blog is structured so that each article is self-contained. Additionally, the length of any given article averages out to approximately 800 words. This allows articles to stay crisp and readable. However, this also creates limitations. Background theological setup and more protracted examples do not fit this venue. They do work well in a book format, though.

Last month, I submitted a 76,000 word manuscript to WestBow publishing. The title is The Islamic Inversion. Those who have read this blog for a long time understand the constant and pervasive pattern of spiritual reversals and antiparellels. I have termed these “inversions” and taken greater effort to help people learn to recognize them on their own.

There is approximately a 10-20% overlap between what is on this blog and what is in the book. The book contains a significantly great deal more setup, cultural issues, theology, countless inversions, and tools to learn how to recognize them quickly. Perhaps the best way to get a feel for what the book is about would be to see the chapter list.

1. Recognizing Cultural Roadblocks
2. How Muslims View Christianity.
3. The Root of All Insight – Jesus is Lord
4. The Tri-Unity of God
5. What is the Islamic Inversion?
6. Some Final Preparations
7. Inversions related to Jesus Christ
8. The 1st retreat. The Bible is Corrupted.
9. The 2nd retreat. Muslims Worship the Same God
10. The 3rd retreat. Scripture Out of Context
11. How Islamic Doctrine Collapses on Itself
12. A Spiritual Guide to Islam
13. The Last Bastion of Islamic Hope – Obfuscation
14. From Common Criticisms to the Truth of Christ
15. From Common Escapes to the Truth of Christ
16. From Diabolical Inversions to the Truth of Christ

The book is due to be out within the next month. Now that the painstaking work of finishing The Islamic Inversion is complete, I will be able to slide out more articles here while simultaneously dealing with publication issues. If you are interested in purchasing several copies, don’t hesitate to contact me via the “Contact Me” page. As always, your prayers are appreciated.

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  1. Duane Miller says:

    Congratulations! Glad to be following your blog and work online now.

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